How do you call the pages between clicking a (out) link and going to another website


I’m realy curious how you call those pages. It is a bit hard to explain but take a look at this example:

When you click on a product and leaving the website to another one you get some kind of between page with “Thank you for visiting our website! You will be forwarded to the webshop now!”

How do you call those pages and is there an easy way (WordPress Plugin) to get those pages when click on an outgoing link?

Any help and information is welcome because I cant find it anywhere (because I dont know how you call those pages;))

Thanks in advance:)

it doesn’t have a name and it’s not called on an outgoing link either. if you closely observe the address bar, you see that this ‘intermediary’ page is on the same server as the product list and issues a HTTP redirect call.

it’s just a way to not having outgoing links (that a bot could scrape) at all.

Thanks for your reply.

So it doesnt have a name… Okay, but how can I manage something like that? I want the same thing for my website but dont know where to start.

you simply make a page where it has a redirect (e.g. via a <meta> tag) and in this redirect instruction you put the URL of the target page.