How do you build a taxonomy-based menu system on a website

Hi, I am a web designer based in the UK. I am hoping someone can advise me on what system one has to use to enable filtering of products (image and text) on a website, by keywords, for e.g. color or brand. I would be very grateful of any help, of a pointer in the right direction. Have gone round in circles for days, Googling, asking questions on forums but am getting nowhere. My experience is in HTML and CSS and the website is already built. Will I have to start from scratch? Does it involve another language? Is it something that I can build myself, or is it a system that I pay for and then install? I really am a beginner in this area. Thank you for your help. Greatly appreaciate any advice.

196 viewed this post and no one has replied? Where does my question go wrong? Isn’t there anyone who knows how to build a system of filtering!

You don’t have to use any systems. Are you talking design patterns, or are you looking for packages (i.e. CMS packages), or what?

Hello Dave, Oh thank you very much for your reply, for offering to help.
No, I don’t want a design pattern, I want to know how it is done, that is, is it something that I can build myself, or can you get it ready to install and ready to use; what language does it involve etc etc. Can I add such a feature to my site with only HTML and CSS knowledge? So once I find out how it is done I can work out if it is something I can do myself, or wether I have to pay for it to be done…
I don’t know, you tell me, is it a package I need to put this ability on my website? You mean CMS packages come with ‘Taxonomy’ or filtering abilities? Is that the way to do it? Thank you.

Most CMS packages do have a categorization/taxonomy portion to them. It’s just a matter of which one you feel comfortable with, and what your host will support.

My hosting package is a linux bussiness package so it supports PHP,MySQL, databases.
Seeing as I haven’t ever used a CMS package and only read n write HTML and CSS what would you recommend?