How do you avoid the dreaded "re-submit" POST data issue?

I see websites like do this and I’m curious how it’s done.

Basically I’m referring to how a website can be constructed so that when people submit information to the server through forms (or w/e other ways it can be done) if they click the back button they do not have to re-submit form data. I see it quite often on websites so I know it’s possible and I don’t think it’s an Ajax thing…

Thanks in advance.


Refresh gets the redirected page you GET, back takes you back to the previous GET.

Hrm, well I’ve done some research on the subject and this is what I have concluded so far.

I should have the HTML form submit to the same page that it is on, and then use a redirect rule (say with PHP for example) to cause a 302 redirect to go to a new page?