How do you achomplish this? Help!

Hi Creatives

I’m wondering about the design of vector based illustrations. I’ve attached some examples of really great illustration design.

How do I go about to create something like this? What is the steps in the design process to acomplish this?

Your advice will make me smile from ear to ear, coz it is something I need to be able to produce to be succesful :smiley:

Thanx peeps

Just the process on how to create illustrations.
Ex. 1. Draw rough sketch
2. Scan it into computer
3. Use freehand to colour it digitally etc

Basic drawing aint a problem.

Thanx for the links, will follow them and see what it brings :wink:

Hello Grootseun,

if you have basic drawing skills, then the tutorials listed above will give you some pointers. :slight_smile:

Thanx kohoutek, will have a look and try them out :wink:


what would you like to know? Do you know how to draw/sketch and merely need to know how to replicate/refine it digitally?

Here are some resources:

None of these will help you all that much if you do not know how to draw/sketch, however, hence my question. :slight_smile: