How do we connect our members with their friends on Facebook?


We are a Social network for small businesses and people who want to share what they know, plus more. Anyway, many of our members are asking us:

How can i get my current friends on facebook to join on me Anoox?
How can I have my friends on facebook notified that I have posted a new Question on Anoox?

How do we do this? Easily and cleanly.
That is we want to do, is to give an Opt in to our members to have their Friends on FB notified when they Join or Post Question. How do we communicate with FB this Opt in request? And then inform them that a Question has been posted on Anoox by member X which is also member of FB.


send the Anoox page link to your Facebook friends timeline and request to join you in Anoox …

You can boost your posts or notifications under sponsored program of Facebook. There are wide variety of options available.

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