How do use Adsense?

After, how many times I can use Adsense on my site or if my site is newly born and traffic are coming to start after a week then I can use Adsense on my site?

yes you can start your adsense on new site, even on 2nd day :slight_smile:

@raichelsimon3: please take time to do a little research of your own before posting. Several of your questions - including this one - you could have answered for yourself with a brief Internet search.

That is not necessarily true; it varies according to location.


i don’t think their any restriction for use of 6 months in any location…the day your adsense account is approved you can start using it then and their…i am from india and i am using adsense…i applied on second month for adsense and got approved and start using from then…here many bloggers struggle to get adsense account and you are having an approved account and still you are hesitating to use it…STRANGE!!!

The quote above from Google, stating that sites in some locations must have been active for six months, is taken from their own AdSense help page.

I read out completely and its six months, but I ask some other peoples and what they told me, it depends on your site and traffic, if this is good then Adsense can be approved after two months.

Generally speaking, I would regard what Google says about their own product to be more accurate and reliable than what “other people” say.

If you do try applying when your site is two months old, please return and let us know whether or not you were successful.

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Oh sure!!

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