How do TV adverts ensure when you search for 'phrase' it returns their site



I've seen some TV adverts that instead of asking you to remember a website address they say search for 'Some phrase' or 'Keyword'.

How do they ensure you find their site. Is it just a case of making sure your page ranks top for that word/phrase or is it paid ads or something?

I can't think of one off the top of my head but i know i've seen it done. We are having some billboard space for a campaign and i think it might be better to get someone to search for a phrase they will hopefully remember rather than a website address.

any thoughts?


I saw a TV ad that said those exact words, when I did look it up, they came up as the first result because they paid Google as a "paid search advertisement."


I suspect it is more than a "some phrase" and is more like "a phrase with something unique in it".

For example something like "search for 'sitepoint forums'" has the unique "sitepoint" in it.

An interesting approach. Instead of asking that a URL be remembered -, the search phrase is fed to those that may lack search fu.


There's also the general search engine algorithm at play. We don't know exactly how google works but if 100 people enter the phrase looking for information about the TV show and it's result number 3, those 100 people will either go straight to that result or look at results 1, 2 and 3 and stop at three. Google sees that people who are typing in the phrase are interested in result 3 and bumps it up to spot 1.


thanks all. Another thing i wonder is when to start getting the page indexed as if it's a campaign i'd want it to be ranking high to start with so i guess i'd need to begin maybe a month ahead of time.

Will discuss with my team and see if we want to give it a try, I'll report back if i do. I think we'd still put a website address on the billboard but a lot smaller. Location might also be a factor. If the billboard is by a road for traffic to see, i think search for 'some phrase' might be easier to remember for when the person has stopped and has time to look vs a billboard on a bus stop where people might be sat for a while and can type in a url.

thanks :slight_smile: