How do some sites remain #1 on Google?

Ok, well I understand the concepts of backlinks, etc and the fact that if you have a paid for .com/.net it can work out to your advantage.

But recently, I’ve looked up a bunch of keywords, and some that get over 30k+ hits monthly, have number 1 sites on Google, that just plain stink. They are short, undescriptive, etc. But they only have like 10-15 backlinks. They are always paid domains, but I just don’t understand how they can remain on top position when number 2 for the same keywords has like 300+ backlinks and also has its own domain name.

On top of that, they are not really quantitative or qualitative in information. So- does anybody know how of the other factors that can push a website to the top?

The age and length of registration can play a small part.

The number of links has nothing to do with rankings these days. 10,000 crappy links is roughly the same as 10 good links.

The most important part however is the relevance and authority of the sites which link to the site, along with the topical relevance of the sites content. The domain name can also play a decent part in deciding rankings.