How do sizes affect smaller devices?

A lot of people are using mobile devices these days to browse the web, tablets and smartphones especially. How does this affect how we as web designers design our sites?

When it comes to specifying sizes in CSS, should we consider the fact that our web site might be viewed on a smaller screen than a regular monitor or laptop/netbook? Or should we create an entirely different stylesheet altogether, just for smaller screens?

The second option might mean some extra time. Are some of you willing to do this? Or would you rather have one stylesheet that accounts for many different browsers?

What are your thoughts?

I use a technique suggested in my signature, at least for my newer sites. My personal site does not cater to small screens or fatty fingers.

But then I don’t understand the appeal of smearing finger oil all over a surface repeatedly. Ick.

The oil is to keep them waterproofed from the wrapping attack used by electric eels, I would suspect. It depends upon your targeted audience but bandwidth usage is also a large concern and you should certainly consider different screen dimensions.

I think the link in Mallory’s signature is the advice I would follow should my clients wish to cater for mobile devices without having a separate site.