How do SEO For mobile sites

Hello all
I want to know How do SEO For mobile site
tell me about any reference matter or guidelines…


As far as keywords, copy and backlinks, there isn’t much difference. You main concern should be usability related elements of the site. You should be using responsive design and focus heavily on localized SEO if you are at all a local presence. For example a local business would want to have local business listings like a Google Places page. Having phone numbers that users can call right from their device should they find your business/website.
Here are a lot of posts associated with mobile SEO,

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I do not think any special seo process is required for mobile site but just try to keep the site loading time less to make it effective. At visit this site You collect good information regard your need.Thanx

there is no need of special seo techniques for the mobile website, do seo what will do to the normal website…