How do select parallelly?

Hi all,
Please go through this page,

If i select simultaneously, it n=is not loading the sub-items, why?
and after i want to refresh the page to do so.

How to reset the page by using the button explicitly, to load the page…

Thanking you…

It’s not clear to me what you are trying to do, and what the problem is.
Maybe you could explain a little bit more in detail?

thanks for ur reply.
choose one connector at a time.
upto it reaches to end, i don’t want to select another.
if i do like this,means without completing one, i want to select simultaneously other two select boxes, at that time some loading problem is came.
and if i want to reload the page,
the first select box is not reset why?

If I reload the page, everything is reset.
If I choose ‘connector’, I get another select box.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand the problem. Maybe someone else?