How do people think of ideas?

how does everyone think off new coding ideas evey time?

i am out off coding ideas to make as i know they be taken or they are hard for me


“Necessity is the mother of invention”
If you need something to happen in a page, site or app, you can create the code to make it happen.


I liked the Russian reference from the Wiki page:

In other languages and cultures

Arabic : "الحاجة ام الاختراع.", which literally means " necessity is the mother of invention"

Russian: "Голь на выдумки хитра.", which literally means "poor people are crafty"[8].

Polish: "Potrzeba jest matką wynalazków.", which literally means "necessity is the mother of the inventions"
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Very few people if anyone actually come up with entirely new ideas. Usually, they are building on top of existing ideas and experiences. Knowing this then, the trick isn’t to try to come up with new ideas but to expose yourself to as much as possible.

Here’s what I do:

  • Subscribe to maker sites like ProductHunt and Dribbble - This exposes you to product and design ideas
  • Use tools like Pinterest and Pocket to collect things you enjoy - The more you collect, the better they get at recommending you things you haven’t seen before but are still relevant to your interests
  • Follow creative people on social media and make use of lists (including on YouTube) - Similar to the above point, this lets you collect things. Make sure to upvote and downvote everything you do/watch, as the algorithms recommend you things based on that
  • Have a lot of different hobbies and watch/read/do lots of unrelated things - This allows you to become a life DJ, mixing and matching things
  • Pay attention to things that frustrate you - it means there’s likely room for improvement

Normally in the shower! no seriously it’s often a time when your brain has had a night to digest information and is not concentrating on anything much so has time to think.

I often find with music when i am trying to learn to play a new song on guitar if i try a few times i get close but after a night or 2 i’ll be able to play it significantly better. It’s like it’s continued to think about it whilst i’ve been asleep.

Never tried playing guitar in the shower though so maybe i’d be better at guitar if i combined the 2 things :blush:


lol cool my brain cant think off any ideas even with music
only ideas i get is when i see an already made script that i know
i can make better a part from that its useless