How do new sites get so much traffic so quickly. What SEO sorcery is this?

Hey all. I know some about search engine optimization. Well, maybe I don’t know as much as I thought I did. I bought a short ebook on the subject awhile back and it made no bones about it. It said that getting traffic is no overnight process. You have to build backlinks, let your site age, get a decent PR or buy adwords. Then there is the social media advertising which is still foreign to me. I don’t get how all that works.

Here is my issue. There are lots of websites sold on Flippa all the time that are not old at all. Some are just a few months old and the sites are getting thousands of visitors monthly, some tens of thousands. Then I test the organic searches by doing a keyword search for the subject of the site, especially the words in the domain and I come up with nothing on the first or second page of Google. I am mystified. On a similar note, I cannot figure out how the Alexa rank of my own site’s traffic went from 9,000,000 to 657,000 in a few months without me lifting a finger. Someone on Clickbank must be pushing my product but anyway…how do these obscure blogs and sites not on Google’s first page get so much traffic so quickly? I don’t expect anyone to explain the whole process on this thread but maybe you can point me to a book, DVD, blog, something that really shows how to work the system? Anyone? There has to be more solutions that what I read in that ebook. Thanks!!


Sometimes new sites seem to get a good result initially in Google results but then fall away pretty quickly. A lot of dodgy stuff goes on in relation to all this, and the initial good result is probably due to various kinds of SEO trickery that ultimately come undone. I would take all those supposed visitor results with a grain of salt.

I subscribe to the SEO for “Nice People” philosophy, and recommend it to you as well. :slight_smile: