How do I write 301 redirects for links with PHP variables?

Hello I have recently redirected my site from an
old site to link to a new site. I am looking to preserve as much google
rankings as possible so have created a spreadsheet mapping all old links
to new links and setup 301 redirects with the new company. The basic
ones such as /married.htm → /weddings/ 301 worked straight away but
all the ones with PHP variables in the link are still not working such
as /profile.php?artist=Eclipse → /eclipse-band-scotland 301. I would
like to work out how to get these working as soon as possible I am
guesisng it is just that they cant be read in their current format and
they need a rewrite of some kind? At a loss though as to how to proceed.

Can anyone suggest what I can try to get…

/profile.php?artist=Eclipse → /eclipse-band-scotland 301

…working and I can give it a go? Once I get that working I can apply to all the other ones! Much obliged in advance. Chris.

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