How Do I Valuate A Domain For It's Name And Not Content

I’m in negotiations with the company I work for an a domain broker to purchase a domain. I’m having a hard time finding the value of the domain based on it’s name and not the sites content/traffic/pagerank.

How does one find the true value of a domain name?


Hello Mike,
it really depends on who and for what is wanting the domain. However, you can use a tool for estimating such prices: estibot
Hope this helps,

net is lower value than com
is it short, easy to remember, brandable? check domain auctions at godaddy etc to see how similar .net domains are priced.

Surely the value of the domain TLD depends on what you want to achieve from the domain, for search engines TLD makes little or no difference. The only difference that will make is if people randomly go to a site (eg type in, that’s probably more likely than typing or word of mouth so a .com is more likely to be remembered than a for instance.

It matters if the .net domain perfectly match the company name or the website subject. .com is better.