How do I unlink this?

I have a very simple question, I guess.

I need to remove a folder and all it’s contents. Not sure if I need to change the permissions as well.
This is what I have right now, that isn’t working.

$file = "../images/".$code;

The name of the folder that is going to be deleted is in $code.
Should this code work? Do I only need to change the chmod?
If so, how can I do this prior to the delete code?

Thank you. That one worked for me with an empty folder.
But since I have things in the folder as well I tried to add something, but it won’t delete my files. Why not?

rmdir($file); # deletes the folder

Then I tried to add one code that deletes all file types I think will be in the folder with this code.
But that one isn’t working either.

rmdir($file); # deletes the folder

What is wrong with my code?
When using just the rmdir to remove an epmty folder it works fine, but I have to remove things in the folder first…

I solved it finally.

I found something that worked.
The one called $file is for the folder. Then I made one called $file2 for the filenames inside the folder.

$file = "../images/".$code;
$file2 = $file.'/*';
foreach (glob("$file2.*") as $filename) {
rmdir($file); # deletes the folder