How do I transfer this, immediately?

A couple of nights ago, on behalf of a company I work for, I had to see whether a domain name was available, and knowing from experience that you need to be quick when purchasing, so purchased it, with the view of then transferring it to the company almost straight away. I now find out that it can’t be transferred until 60 days after it was registered. I realise I have boobed, but if I can’t transfer this immediately I’m in a lot of trouble. How do I find a way to transfer it, now please?

Does it need to be transferred or do you just need to use the domain name?

The current owner may be persuaded to change the DNS settings to point to your server until it is transferred.

I forgot to say 60 days sounds a long time. Last time I transferred a domain it took about two weeks.

So just to clarify, the problem is that you registered the domain in your own name, rather than your company’s, and now you need to transfer the domain to them?

What kind of domain is it? (.com,

I had the same problem and I got told that it was due to some new ICANN regulations - can anyone confirm that? (It was a .com domain). I now have to wait until the 2nd of February to be able to complete the transfer. A similar domain that I bought with a danish .dk domain was transferred right away and I could start use it within a day.

Its a shame that new regulations like this seems to slow the transactions of site and, worst of all, kill online initiatives.

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