How do I submit form with JS - dynamic form names?


I have a site that has dynamically generated forms with multiple submit buttons. My forms are like this, created using PHP and inserts different user names on the same page:

<form action=“step2.php” name=“john” onsubmit=“return SubmitForm(john);” method=“post”>

</form><a href=‘javascript:{}’ onclick=‘return SubmitForm(john);’>Submit</a>

<form action=“step2.php” name=“hams” onsubmit=“return SubmitForm(hams);” method=“post”>

</form><a href=‘javascript:{}’ onclick=‘return SubmitForm(hams);’>Submit</a>

<form action=“step2.php” name=“toob” onsubmit=“return SubmitForm(toob);” method=“post”>

</form><a href=‘javascript:{}’ onclick=‘return SubmitForm(toob);’>Submit</a>

People click a link and the form submits via:
function SubmitForm(member)

The member name goes into the JavaScript to variable: member.

The Problem: is when this JS tries to submit the form called “john” for example, it searches for a form called “member” instead and it fails. Is there any way to fix this? I’m sure there is a way to deal with this kind of issue but I don’t know it yet.


Sorry, nevermind I got it. Thanks for looking anyways.

Strange how I monkey around with it for a few hours, create a post here and literally 5 minutes later find the solution…