How do I stop/start a MySQL Server in Replication


I have just taken over some of our servers, 2 of which are in Replication mode. That is Server1 is Master to Server2 in Replication.

My question is what is (are) the MySQL command(s) to Stop & Start Server1?

From what I understand, it is the not the standard, or as simple as:
mysql start/stop
mysqld start

So how does one Stop and Start a server that is Master in a Replication process?

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if you just want to shut down the whole mysql server process on the slave server, then that is correct.

if you want to stop replication but leave the server running, see


Actually I need to know what are the commands for Stopping and Starting the Master? and not the Slave.


you need to define “stop the master”. do you just want to turn off mysql? do you want to stop replication? do you want to unconfigure replication?


I want to Stop and Start replication on Master (mySQL) server?
And also Stop and Start the Master (mySQL) server?