How do I stop pop ups on the desktop on Windows 10?

How do I stop pop ups on the desktop on Windows 10?
These are not pop up ads that happen on a web site.
They happen on my desktop as little pop ups in the lower right corner of my computer screen.
They look like this video I recorded here:

I do not know if they are tied somehow to another program working – like the Windows 10 mail program – or if they are a feature of chrome, but they are outside any other running program.


Have you checked the various auto start places in the register?

Have you tried to view or rule out all current processes in the system? Forgive me for not remember too much of the Windows I’ve used, does Crl+Alt+Del bring up the system/process monitor option in your version?

That is a good idea. That is a good place to look. I ran CCleaner and clicked on the Registry option, but, sadly, there is nothing there. image But I poked around for a bit and I found these things:

The video clip comes courtesy of Youtube and the infuriating advertisements also appear with Facebook and Linux.

Google paid a fortune for YouTube, promoted their product and now trying to reclaim their investment.


Corrected over enthusiastic predictive text, changed adds to advertisements.

Do you mean ads or adds?
And it seems to come from Chrome:

I do not use Chrome on Linux and optionally on an ipad.

Check the YouTube small print, I think they have a paid option without their infuriating ads.

I did never use CCleaner, I could always use the Autorun tool from Sysinternals. :slightly_smiling_face:

I usually went to the registry to clean up messy things manually. The registry search tool was quite useful. You could always export suspicious sections to easily examine and change or retrieve them.

In Windows (at least before W10) there was a tool named Dr Watson that could trace processes, can’t recall how to launch that service atm.

I also had good use of various free tools provided by “Sysinternals” (Winternals).
Maybe some of their good system tools became implemented in Windows?

I’ll look closer at your images later. Perhaps anyone knowledgeable of W10 comes by before that. :slightly_smiling_face:

These are called Notifications.

You can alter which apps can send you notifications in Settings > Notifications & Actions.

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Also in my status area (many people erroneously call it a system tray) there is an icon that when I hover over it it gives me the status of notifications and Focus Assist. When I left-click it gives more information and when I right-click it gives a few options.

I think they are what developers call Toast Notifications, as in Toast Notification and Action Center Overview for Windows 10 – Tiles and Toasts.

The likely source is from Windows Notification Service (WNS) also called a push service. There seem to be multiple ways for applications executing in a browser to show notifications. We can subscribe to notification from a website; I always say no but you probably authorized notifications because they are not honest about what they are asking. There is a way to see all such subscriptions but I cannot find that now. One thing to look for is Site permissions in your browser settings. Other browsers might call it something else. In Site permissions look at Notifications and Pop-ups and redirects (your browser might use different terminology) especially.

Also look for a task manager in your browser. Chrome has a task manager.


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And we get to there from settings by going to Privacy and security then under Permissions going to Notifications. And I did say that (generally) to look at Notifications in Site permissions. That is not what I found a couple of months ago but perhaps the name and format has been changed since then.

I find that putting…


directly in the address bar works OK for me. :winky:



Oh, come on. I gave the alternative path to say that I had already said that. The implication being that since I said it explicitly it was not the other something (that I am being vague about because I don’t know anything more) that you were suggesting it was. People are voting your response up but it is something I had already said, you only provided a direct address for it.

I used to have this some time ago, but it just went away after some days…so sry for not being really helpful for this. Good luck

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