How do I solve this class declaration problem?



I’ve two classes which are as follows:

class first {
  // Somewhere in this class inside a function, class second's 
  // object is declared.

class second {
  // Another class

When I execute the script using a function inside class first it shows memory exhausted error.

I tried shifting class second at top and class first at bottom and it worked.

But I’m in situation where I cannot do that.

Is there any other way to do that and still declare class seconds object inside class first while class second is declared at bottom only?

NOTE: Both the classes are declared in the same file only.


How about posting the actual code you are having a problem with. Pretty hard to debug comments.


It is not clear (to me) what “declaring” a class is supposed to mean. This code works just fine:

class first {
    public function createSecond() {
        return new second();
class second {
$first = new first();
$second = $first->createSecond();

Based on your rather vague error message I would speculate that you have some class trying to create itself and getting into a loop.


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