How do I save at StackBlitz?

I am trying to learn Angular and have found a tutorial that uses StackBlitz. However when I log in to StackBlitz and look at the files that are being used, I don’t see a SAVE button! How can I save my work?

Hi there makamo661,

in this image…


you will see towards the right hand side a white arrow
pointing downwards.

If you place your cursor over it you will see this…


Clicking the arrow will open a dialogue box with the options
of “Open with” or “Save File”.


ThanX, coolhead

I clicked on the arrow that you described but it just downloaded my project and there was no prompt to save. I don’t think it saved the changes that I made before downloading.

Hi there makamo661,

I made a little test addition to the code on line #17

/* this is a coothead test*/

… clicked the arrow, opened the file with Winzip and
then found the appropriate file app.component.ts

It included the addition shown above.

I also so forked it for your examination…


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