How do I remove this the blue highlighted links from my site?

this is my site

I want to remove the highlighted link but I am unable to find the html.

I am trying to disable it by css via using

	display: none;


	display: none;

for the one on the right side.

Please help me. thanks

It doesn’t appear in the html, so must be created by one of the (many) js files. Hunt it down there and remove,
rather than just sweeping unwanted elements under the carpet with css.
Removing things should result in less code, not more.


you are right.

Seeing it in the browser developer mode, which one do you think could be the js ?

My guess would be it isn’t one of the Google or jQuery ones, so if I were you, I’d start looking in the others.

It is in your functions-new9.js file, function name TakeoverLinks

function TakeoverLinks (url) {
    var body = document.body, html = document.documentElement;
    var height = Math.max( body.scrollHeight, body.offsetHeight, html.clientHeight, html.scrollHeight, html.offsetHeight );
    var width = Math.max( body.scrollWidth, body.offsetWidth, html.clientWidth, html.scrollWidth, html.offsetWidth );
    width = Math.floor( ( $('site').getWidth() - 1000 ) / 2 ) - 10;
    height = $('site').getHeight() - 321;
    $('site').insert(  '<a href="" target="_blank" style="width:'+width+'px; height:'+height+'px;" class="takeoverLink">Tester</a><a href="" class="takeoverLink right" style="width:'+width+'px; height:'+height+'px;">Tester</a>' );

Note the insert at the bottom of that function, it is what you want to remove.

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thanks you so much. can you please tell me how you found this ?

thanks again.

Using Developer Tools, I found the link in question, saw it had Tester as the text for the link, so I then searched all your JS files for that word, and it just so happened it only returned one result.


That link completely crashes chrome for me and the whole browser becomes unresponsive and not just the tab. I have to close the browser down to get it working again.


alright. thanks

oh apologies mate.

hi again,

can you please help me finding the text on my vodafone tile in the sidebar on homepage please asap? is my site


<div class="meta">
<div class="title">
<img alt="iMusic_player-header" src="/assets/img/content/iMusic_player-header.png">
<div class="artist clearfix">
<span class="artist-name">ZAYN</span>
<div class="track clearfix">
<span>Song name</span>
<span class="track-name">PILLOWTALK</span>

All you need to do, is hover over any element you are interested in, right-click on it, then select ‘inspect element’ - dev tools will take you straight to whatever it is you’re interested in finding.



Show Source. Under the Edit menu, select Find. In the search box, type vodaphone. Matches are highlighted…

Chrome is even easier:


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