How do I reinstall Acrobat only out of master suite

I have to uninstall Acrobat Professional CS3 out and reinstall it. I get an big error message and it won’t let me keep anything open or print it. The problem is, it came with the entire Adobe CS3 Master Suite. So I really don’t know how I can go and find just the Acrobat to reinstall. Should I just do a total reinstall of the entire Mastersuite? That would be a real hassle. Any suggestions?

[1]Just put in the Adobe CS3 master disk in.
[2]When it auto runs, it should come up with the uninstall / repair option.
[3]Click the repair option.
[4]Then only click on Acrobat and uncheck the rest.
[5] Run it.

It might prompt you to put in desk 2 if I remember correctly but that should resolve your issue.