How do I reflect a rating button that has javascript codes?

How do I reflect a sort button that has javascript code?
as if it were an iframe just without,load the page. I tried, the clone() jquery, but it didn’t work. The code has to reflect a classification, from one to the other. For example, if a person places the classification in one code, it appears in the other code as well. I appreciate it from now on.

Please show us the code you are using so we can evaluate.

Here are the questions that I had while reading through your statement.

  • With “reflect” I think that you want to copy the state of something
  • but a rating button is just a button, how would that be reflected?
  • Now you say reflect a sort button. Is it a rating button or a sort button?
  • Was one of the rating or sort a mistake?

And that’s only down to the first sentence.

Much more detail is going to be required.
Can you please show us what you have so far?

Thank you very much for the answers, I decided to leave it with a button.

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