How do I receive a fax via email?

Specifically, Thunderbird. Or is there another way to do it? Maybe some way of having a fax sent to a web-based service, then downloaded from there.
Haven’t needed to receive a fax for yonks, but unfortunately I have one I need today.
Any help and advice much appreciated.

I use efax and it works fine… if you don’t want to have a personal fax number, you may use pamfax… it is an Skype extension but I think that you can use it directly through their site.

I agree. Most of the time monthly plans cost more than prepaid service. Prepaid online fax service like Onesuite fax will save you more if you don’t need to send or receive hundreds of fax weekly.

scan the fax to computer,then send it via email and provide online fax services for a monthly fee. You get assigned a local phone number, and any faxes received can be viewed online and are also e-mailed to you as a PDF.

Person sending has only got a fax machine, no scanner.

emm,do you have digital camera,or cellphone that can take photos?

take a shot of the fax,then deliver it through email.does this work?

He’s the receiver, not the sender

Free fax receiving at efax. Had one for YEARS! won’t be a local area code to you but still, it’s free :slight_smile: (you have to pay to send :()