How do I prevent the [div] when clicked on from pushing the content below down?

And what is the first element shown in post #25? The first tag?

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<div id="myObj5" style="display:none">

You can’t put block on this one or it won’t work.

I repeat…


Now with your finger on that element, read and apply @coothead’s instructions.

Post the code after you have followed his instructions.

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like that?
type="application/x-shockwave-flash" style="display:block;" id="player1"

With that style added to the code, try the clickbar in Blogspot.

I did, it worked.

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Don’t forget to undo the RUBBISH line height and send coothead a thank you. Little social graces mean a lot in a faceless on-line community.

Is the reason why line-height: 0px; worked because “object element” is an “inline element” and behaves like text?


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Thank you for your help on this, I appreciate it a lot.


You must have applied that to your “block” code, which is not good code… the squares are not aligned evenly. You can see that.

Would you like to go back and clean up the float code so it will fit in your desired 266px width?

the float one?

Wait, what’s uneven about the code in the middle?
I thought I made it exactly even

i see now. damn it.

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On my computer, the center square in the bottom three rows is coded to have margin-top:-51px, it should be -50px.

Oops, you already spotted it :slight_smile:

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I did that here:

The jsfiddle looks good. Maybe some of Blogger’s proprietary software thought it should be something different. Unruly Blogspot.