How do I prevent an RSS feed from displaying deleted pages

Hi, I wasnt sure where to post this, no other category really fit, but I am trying to get my site going properly so maybe this is the best place…

I started a kinda test blog a few months back… I set up rss etc… but then last month I deleted all of the pages (from within wordpress)… and started new pages… I just checked the rss and it still shows all the deleted pages… it shows the full articles… buut if you click on read more… it goes to the 404 error so i know the page isnt there…

How would i prevent an RSS feed from showing old deleted pages?

thanks for your time.

I don’t know what version of WordPress you’re using, but AFAIK the RSS feeds are generated when they are requested by pulling data out of the wp_posts table.

If you have deleted the posts, it seems they should have been deleted from the table as well, but apparently not. If you are running an older version of WordPress I recommend you upgrade ASAP and the problem should correct itself.

Otherwise I guess you could go into the table and delete the rows manually if they’re still there.

Thanks, Im gonna check the table out now. :slight_smile: