How do I post Visitor Messages on my own Profile?

Hey all.

How do I post visitor messages on my own User page like here?



Visitor Messages. Try turning that on if it’s off.

Visitor Messages were never intended to be used by members to leave messages on their own Profile pages. More like a public Private Message type of thing.

Unfortunately you may not be able to use this feature as I believe it has been disabled - at least for newer members. Why? Most Visitor Messages were members self-spamming their own Profile pages. In fact a good number Registered only so as to be able to do so. So much so that dealing with it was a considerable strain on limited Moderation time and energy.

Also, keep in mind that HAWK is the Galactic Overlord (a.k.a., super admin). She probably posted it without even realizing.

Like Mittineague said, it was largely abused by other members to do (rather pointless) less promotion spamming. A few bad eggs ruin the bunch as they say. =S

I suppose. But wouldn’t they need profile views to be able to spam their viewers? And I wouldn’t be very interested in seeing that :confused:


Spammers were also leaving spam messages on others’ profiles. It was just a big mess.

Is it OK for me to use?


Nobody is supposed to use it any more. It’s meant to be disabled.

Gotcha. (So that’s a no.)

I’ll disable mine.