How Do I Optimize My Website on Social Media?

I have a question, Actually I want to know what are the latest techniques for optimizing our website on Social Media after the latest Google Panda update? Well, I want the answer in reference to the Search engine optimization. I want to rank my website high in the search engines. Kindly let me know what should I do?

Neither Panda nor Penquin have really changed a lot about the fundamentals of what you should be doing for SEO. What they HAVE changed, are details of what you should NOT be doing (any more). Reading between the lines of what Google have announced about these updates as well as their guidelines and future plans, it seems a good idea to stay far from anything that is or could be considered blackhat, and concentrate on improving the user experience.
Not only is this the best longterm strategy, it will also result in higher sales and/or more returns from visitors. At the end of the day, if you knew a “secret trick” to get a really bad website right to #1, your visitors would have one quick peek, and immediately move on; rather pointless exercise.

Well, Thanks for the reply. Then what exactly we should be doing. I have been doing directories submission, forum posting, social bookmarking, blog posting, etc. Am I doing right?

Create Fan Page of your site on the facebook and update it regularly with good content, Create Twitter panels and tweet some cool topics that you know and you can speak better on also retweet the other big sharks tweets which you like on twitter, Create LinkedIn Company and Personal Profile and try to connect some big giants in your niche etc and do SMO to attract visitors on your site, Thanks I hope this will help you some what

Thanks, will do that.

For social media promotion you should essentially do the same as with your website, only in a more frequent and shorter way. The key issue is not so much how to do it as what to publish. If your site doesn’t have much to offer in the way of interesting/helpful content, no social media campaign is going to change (repeat) visitor numbers drastically, nor is it going to bump you in serp from page 14 to page 1.

very helpful. thanks.

Directory submission adds very little as you’re only expanding your low-quality links. Forum and blog posting are exactly the same.

The point is that you need high-quality links. Neither of the above is considered high-quality because the links are either on low-quality pages or are drowned out by hundreds of other links. Getting a good link is ridiculously hard, but a single good link is worth several thousand poor links. Previous clients of mine managed to get mentioned on The Guardian’s website (UK newspaper) and that single link made their ranking skyrocket.

However, in regards to social media, it’s entirely down to your site. What is your site about and is there a genuine reason for users to want to interact with your site?

Well basically, its a business website. Here is the link: <snip>
What should I do to promote in on Social Media ?

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Social media isn’t about promotion when you are a small business. It is a medium for interaction with your existing customers. Any promotion that is done is an after effect of the work you put into social media.

Be completely frank with yourself about your expectations for social media. Spamming a bunch of links on Reddit or getting a ton of Facebook likes will get you absolutely nowhere, and I’ve known many companies blow thousands on spreading low-quality links and buying tweets and Facebook likes, and they’ve earned the best part of £10 at best from it. Unless you’re a huge company you will NOT get loads of visitors from your social media campaign.

The best thing I can recommend for you to do is to use it as your communication channel for your existing customers. Keep users updated not too infrequently, engage in conversation with those interested in your product, joke around with it a bit, and so on. These are the best kinds of social media campaigns and it’ll pay off well for little return.

That’s really helpful. Thanks for the information. I will surely apply those things.

According to me, I used following techniques only to promote my social media pages… If you wish, you can use my techniques,

  1. Try to get targeted visitors by creating poll in your social media pages. It will attract your visitors and make them to stay long time in your social media pages…
  2. Add some attractive pictures, banners based on your business. Because, peoples like images more than reading content in our pages…
  3. Give unique and useful information to your visitors on your page, more than your competitors. It will create more number of visitors and likes to your page…
  4. Update your pages regularly with quality and unique content, pictures , images etc. Then only, you will get huge amount of traffic to your website.

Everything will take some time, but you have to keep patience and do some quality work in your social media pages I mentioned above… This is the way that I have used to promote my website through Social Media…!

There is only one approach for any social media platform for beginner.

  1. create page
  2. Add friends related your niche
  3. Upload fresh and humorous content or activities
  4. Engage your friends circles
  5. Influence your friend’s friends
  6. Promote your product

You can use social book marking, directories submission, blog commenting, Article submission. keywords play a critical role in SEO. So search the relevant keywords at first then use it in articles.

Where you are talking about social media marketing then you have to maintain Facebook fans , Twitter followers, Youtube views and other social sites traffic in your website . It will increase your site rank and obviously Panda safe .
you can search <snip> for this .

We are car exporter and have a number of Facebook pages for our different companies. They don’t really help us in SERPs in Google but do help us bring customers. Whenever we post pictures of vehicles we have recently exported we always get tens of inquiries and some of them convert into sales as well. The big response comes when a new model is released. For instance when 2012 Toyota Hilux Vigo was released it got an attractive front and when we broke the news on our Facebook page it was picked up through word of mouth by different enthusiasts and we got hundreds of inquiries.

I think Google Plus may lead to increase in SERPs but that is just a theory.

Via Social Media you can optimize just traffic. Maybe you have to make backlinks?