How Do I Monetize Morse Code Website?

Hi, all,

Once upon a time, I created a cheesy website for one of my favorite hobbies - Morse Code.

Little did I know that I’d receive over 400 people a day to this website! (HOLY CRAP! LOL)

Anyways, I’ve got AdSense on the website making about $20 per month, but how else can I monetize it?

(Kinda weird, huh?)


(If this is an inappropriate post, I’m sorry, mods, please don’t ban me)

I would first try affiliate programs that cater to electronics maybe. And then of course start tweaking your adsense to earn more.

Do you know of any electronic affiliate programs?

Try or apply to

If you are a Morse-code enthusiast, you should know what services and sites people like you need/crave. Contact those providers and offer them to buy advertising on your site.