How do I market my business remotely?


I started a business to develop website for churches. As I’m living in China which is not quite open for churches to have their website yet. My client will be at the other side of the globe. I get my website for the business hosted in the USA. I was hoping some SEM could give me a good start. Yet research tells me there are little online website, forum etc. dedicated to the client community I serve. I’m thinking of doing some email campaign, yet I have no idea to get church staff sign up for the newsletter. Could any one give me some clue on how could I really start marketing for my business please?

You can hire a person or a company for your business.

I’ll have to look for some links, but there are websites and publications that people at churches visit and read. Check out a publication like “christian computing” and pay attention to the ads and you’ll find other resources too.

Having done a few church websites though, my experience is that many churches either look first to one of their members to produce something for them or go with one of the handful of WYSIWYG church website builders out there.

That’s not to say it’s impossible to sell websites to churches, but they are different than your typical small business owner who’s looking to their website to make them money.

One of the best ways to market any business is to partner with someone else who already markets to your ideal prospects. See if you can find other businesses who work with your ideal church client (maybe financial advisors or audio or lighting people etc…) and see if they’d be interested in promoting your services to their client list. Offer to pay them a finders fee for any clients they send your way or if they have a publication they send out, you can just pay directly for advertising.

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Hey Steve,

Thanks for your ideas! They do help me to have an idea where to go.


Happy to help. I couldn’t find the links I was looking for, but you might find this a good resource



Use Facebook Ads. Those are highly effective to get traffic to your website.


I can tell you that take links from relevant and high PR sources for your site. It will help you increasing the traffic and SEO value of your site.

Initially you will need to generate a huge list of leads i.e.names of the Churches, Adresses, Phone Number and mail id’s of the staff members. For this you will have to personally hire someone or you need to fetch someone who sells these leads. Make a nice marketing mail and send it to all the leads. Make sure you do this manually cause system sent mails often land into the junk mail or spam box. Take the follow up of each mail and act accordingly. This will help you to carry on your email marketing campaign successfully.