How do I make inv button go to page?

I have 4 small invisible buttons on one timeline. Each of these small buttons loads an external jpg into a movie clip container.

I want each one of these external jpgs that load into the same mc container to go to a new web page. I am trying to do this with a invisible button that goes over where the external jpgs show up. What is the best way of doing this?

I can put up the action script if you like.

You can assign an event handler to the movie clip containers which will trigger a navigation action, you don’t need a separate button clip.

I uploaded a jpg to illustrate. I have 4 small invisible buttons on the bottom. When each of those separate invisible buttons are clicked it loads an external jpeg into a movie container that is on a timeline. The larger box represents the large invisible button that will be on top of the external jpegs. So when that large invisible button is clicked I want it to go to a website. Any suggestions?

Do you need help with getting the invisible button over the JPG, or with making the invisible button go to a new web page?