How do I make all posts appear on the page I call blog?

Now that I understand the difference between a page and a post, how do I make all posts appear on the page I call blog? I know many want their blog on the home page, but I do not. I want it on a ‘Blog’ page, and to have a static ‘Home’ page.

As of this writing, this page isn’t working.

Clicking the ‘read more’ button only reloads the page instead of opening/expanding the post.

On tip was to revert to the default “ugly” permalinks, which did halep a little (the ‘read more’ button worked), but I do NOT want to be limited to “ugly” and want to use the “pretty” ones because they make more sense for visitors AND search engines.

Please help me…any tips or insight will be appreciated.

I am quite new at this. I am using WP 3.1.3, Polished theme from Elegant Themes (and created the “Blog” Page using the ‘blog’ template provided by the theme), W3 Total Cache, WordPress SEO 0.4.2, on a Windows 7 x64 machine and have shared hosting using Linux/Apache. Page Speed in Chrome is 80. Page load time: 12 seconds. and am currently hidden from spiders.



Create a page called blog. Create a page template for the page called blog. In that page template, create a custom ‘The Loop’ which selects all posts.

Example code:
Template Tags/get posts « WordPress Codex

I think if you look at any of the defult theme you can find the loop section try to manipulate it.

Thank you Dan and Dij for the suggestions.

Looks l need to learn about loops, though I am really not much of a coder at all. I fear breaking the theme.

I did create a page called “blog.” The theme has a template? (page style options from drop-down menu) called blog which I selected.

I ~think~ the problem might be permalink-related within the theme. I’ll have to experiment again to see if I can re-create fixing the problem by setting the permalinks to default…which I ~think~ might have solved the problem some days ago.

Thing is, I want ‘pretty’ permalinks for SEO and ease of navigation.

I wonder how permalinks work, like does every change make all the pages site-wide change to ugly? Or, could I build the Blog page with “ugly” links then change the setting back to “pretty”.

I wish I understood this stuff.

Thank you for the suggestions.


not sure how, but I mostly fixed the problem be starting from scratch…now I have another problem. Maybe someone can spot the error in my ways?

From a post on another site:

My problem is with getting the second and third posts to appear. Here is a detailed list of the steps I try.

Please help me. It’s probably something really obvious.



[to start from scratch]
deleted menu item “blog”
saved menu
moved to trash page “blog”
moved to trash all posts
emptied trash of posts and pages
made new page “Blog” - selected “blog page” from template drop-down
assigned “order number” (so sitemap will behave)
no parent

[this worked for the first post, but not the 2nd or 3rd]
clicked add new post
entered a title
selected a category
clicked publish
made a tag
clicked update
status: published, public
clicked view post - looks fine
revisited page “Blog” and checked all categories
clicked “empty all caches” (W3 total Cache)
logged out of WP
cleared cache and cookies from browser (Chrome)
reloaded my site’s Home page
click on menu item “Blog”
only the first post is shown

How do I get the second and third posts to fall onto the Blog page?

What’s the code of the blog page template look like? Maybe you only coded it to display one post.


Thanks…but, um, as a non-coder (I purchased the theme), I don’t know how to look for that.

I don’t suppose you can tell by looking at the source code can you?

Blog Page

I’ll pose the question to the theme developers (Elegant Themes).

I’m still stuck.

I can’t see the source code by viewing the webpage, I can only see the HTML that the PHP source code produces.

Just copy and paste the contents of that page template between [php] and



Thank you for being willing to look at my code. I believe I have answered the question, though, because I did at one point see more than one post. Still, I am left with a problem which I may have discovered the root for, yet do not know how to deal with it.

Persistent slug/URL

I want ‘pretty’ permalinks. I am having problems making posts go to a ‘Blog’ page.
I have started from scratch several times and emptied as many "trash"s as I can find.
I made a Page called Blog and directed WP to use a static home page and this Blog page for posts.
The Blog page shows a slug of “blog” and a URL of www.doctorEQ/blog.

I USED to have a category and/or tag called “captivated me” which I thought I purged.

Currently, no matter what categories and tags I create, the posts appear on a page with the URL of www.doctorEQ/captivated-me/

I searched through all “pages” and can find no such page.

When I re-created the Blog page (and its menu entry) I checked all available categories to be displayed.

If I set WP permalinks to custom and enter “/%postname%/” into the WP Permalinks settings, theBlog pages shows no posts, whether they have categories, tags or not.

If I set custom permalinks to “http:///%postname%/” (three ///'s or two), it changes the custom setting to “/http:/%postname%/” and shows all my tests post, but, they are shown on a page with this URL:

Might there be another trash for me to find and empty to purge that page?

I’d really like to make my posts go onto a page with the “blog” slug and URL.

I’ll leave it that way in case source code is at all helpful.

Please help?



I am quite new at this. I am using WP 3.2, Polished theme from Elegant Themes, W3 Total Cache (I clear all caches, including the browser’s, after each step), WordPress SEO 0.4.2, on a Windows 7 x64 machine and have shared hosting using Linux/Apache.

You can try to find a free theme and compare with them to find out what you need.
This could make you learn very quickly.

If you’re not going to work with me, then I can’t help. I asked to see the code, not for you to repeat your theory about permalinks (which are all borked, but that’s not why the loop is acting how it’s acting).

I do know WordPress inside and out; the WP plugins I wrote paid for my 4 bedroom house. At this point I’ll let others try to help, but if you are stuck too long, I’d just pay someone to fix it. Someone that knows WP can fix your permalinks and have your posts appear at /blog with 5 minutes of work.

Hi doctorEQ,

Upgrade the the latest WP 3.2 and use the Twenty Eleven theme.

Create a page with the template - Showcase Template.

That page will be your blog page plus some additional content on top (optional). Try it out =)

@KC - you might notice that I already upgraded to WP 3.2. Also noted is that I am using a particular theme (Polished) that I purchased from Elegant Themes. One might assume that I am after a better look and more features than I’d have with Twentyeleven, else why would I have purchased it? To suggest that I go back to 2011 is equivalent to telling a PC user with a problem to get a Mac - lol. Thanks, though…

@Dan, thank you for what I call an OPD; an Opportunity for Personal Development. Along my philosophical travels, one lesson I am developing is to “never take anything personally.” Your misguided and rude tantrum which amounted to a verbal spanking from on high felt at first quite insulting…until I recognized the OPD and relaxed. Perhaps you might recognize one here for yourself now?! :lol: I wonder if you picked up your nasty attitude on the East coast? You reminded me a little of my EX-wife; she was raised there, too. Couldn’t have been Houston; they’re polite down there…you know, like a “Southern Gentleman”? At least they act more charitable. :rofl: Do many people say you remind them of Paul Simon? I remind people of Billy Bob Thornton. :cool:

Maybe you were hung-over from the weekend, or simply having a bad day. You’re entitled. I wonder if you are as temperamental with your students? :mad: If not, perhaps I should enroll in one of your classes. Or, maybe we should share a good beer. :wink: Tip: Locate anything that Maritime Pacific makes (it’s a short bike-ride from UW) and sample it at a warmer 45 degrees (that brings forward the sweetness).

I’m actually happy that you are so smart and educated (at least in computer science) that you could afford a home. Feels good, eh? I do scratch my head wondering how the brag is relevant. :lol:

I see you failed to notice that the first mention of permalinks was a tip given to me and which I provided for the sake of completeness, in case some kind person might shed some light; it was not my theory, so when I mentioned the permaklink behavior in my post, I did not “repeat your theory about permalinks.” In fact, I have no theory - that’s why I am here.

I would happily pay someone for 5 minutes of work, if I only knew who to hire.

I would also be happy to discover how to rid myself of the persistent slug I mentioned. :eye:

Meanwhile, I think you could use a trip to Hawaii; you might pick-up a little of the “Aloha spirit” there…:)…(but stay away from the beer, it’s as bad as that in St. Louis.)

Mahalo for the OPD, and I hope you feel better soon.



PS - In case this is of any help, here’s the code from the file “Page-blog.php”
(I can’t seem to find any occurrence of the [ p h p ] or [ / p h p ] tags which Dan asked for. Maybe I have the wrong file…as you can probably surmise: I am clueless.

Template Name: Blog Page
<?php if (is_front_page()) { ?>
	<?php include(TEMPLATEPATH . '/home.php'); ?>
<?php } else { ?>
<?php the_post(); ?>

$et_ptemplate_settings = array();
$et_ptemplate_settings = maybe_unserialize( get_post_meta($post->ID,'et_ptemplate_settings',true) );

$fullwidth = isset( $et_ptemplate_settings['et_fullwidthpage'] ) ? (bool) $et_ptemplate_settings['et_fullwidthpage'] : (bool) $et_ptemplate_settings['et_fullwidthpage'];

$et_ptemplate_blogstyle = isset( $et_ptemplate_settings['et_ptemplate_blogstyle'] ) ? (bool) $et_ptemplate_settings['et_ptemplate_blogstyle'] : (bool) $et_ptemplate_settings['et_ptemplate_blogstyle'];

$et_ptemplate_showthumb = isset( $et_ptemplate_settings['et_ptemplate_showthumb'] ) ? (bool) $et_ptemplate_settings['et_ptemplate_showthumb'] : (bool) $et_ptemplate_settings['et_ptemplate_showthumb'];

$blog_cats = isset( $et_ptemplate_settings['et_ptemplate_blogcats'] ) ? $et_ptemplate_settings['et_ptemplate_blogcats'] : array();
$et_ptemplate_blog_perpage = isset( $et_ptemplate_settings['et_ptemplate_blog_perpage'] ) ? $et_ptemplate_settings['et_ptemplate_blog_perpage'] : 10;

<?php get_header(); ?>
	<div id="wrap"<?php if ($fullwidth) echo ' class="no_sidebar"'; ?>>
	<!-- Main Content-->
		<img src="<?php bloginfo('template_directory');?>/images/content-top<?php if ($fullwidth) echo ('-full');?>.gif" alt="content top" class="content-wrap" />
		<div id="content">
			<!-- Start Main Window -->
			<div id="main">
				<div class="new_post entry clearfix">

					<h1 id="post-title"><?php the_title(); ?></h1>
						<div class="postcontent">		
							<?php $width = get_option('polished_thumbnail_width_pages');
								  $height = get_option('polished_thumbnail_height_pages');
								  $classtext = 'post_img';
								  $titletext = get_the_title();
								  $thumbnail = get_thumbnail($width,$height,$classtext,$titletext,$titletext);
								  $thumb = $thumbnail["thumb"]; ?>
							<?php if($thumb <> '' && get_option('polished_page_thumbnails') == 'on') { ?>
								<?php print_thumbnail($thumb, $thumbnail["use_timthumb"], $titletext , $width, $height, $classtext); ?>
							<?php }; ?>
							<?php the_content(); ?>
							<?php wp_link_pages(array('before' => '<p><strong>'.__('Pages','Polished').':</strong> ', 'after' => '</p>', 'next_or_number' => 'number')); ?>
							<div id="et_pt_blog">
								<?php $cat_query = ''; 
								if ( !empty($blog_cats) ) $cat_query = '&cat=' . implode(",", $blog_cats);
								else echo '<!-- blog category is not selected -->'; ?>
								<?php query_posts("showposts=$et_ptemplate_blog_perpage&paged=$paged" . $cat_query); ?>
								<?php if (have_posts()) : while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?>
									<div class="et_pt_blogentry clearfix">
										<h2 class="et_pt_title"><a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>"><?php the_title(); ?></a></h2>
										<p class="et_pt_blogmeta"><?php _e('Posted','Polished'); ?> <?php _e('by','Polished'); ?> <?php the_author_posts_link(); ?> <?php _e('on','Polished'); ?> <?php the_time(get_option('polished_date_format')) ?> <?php _e('in','Polished'); ?> <?php the_category(', ') ?> | <?php comments_popup_link(__('0 comments','Polished'), __('1 comment','Polished'), '% '.__('comments','Polished')); ?></p>
										<?php $thumb = '';
										$width = 184;
										$height = 184;
										$classtext = '';
										$titletext = get_the_title();

										$thumbnail = get_thumbnail($width,$height,$classtext,$titletext,$titletext);
										$thumb = $thumbnail["thumb"]; ?>
										<?php if ( $thumb <> '' && !$et_ptemplate_showthumb ) { ?>
											<div class="et_pt_thumb alignleft">
												<?php print_thumbnail($thumb, $thumbnail["use_timthumb"], $titletext, $width, $height, $classtext); ?>
												<a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>"><span class="overlay"></span></a>
											</div> <!-- end .thumb -->
										<?php }; ?>
										<?php if (!$et_ptemplate_blogstyle) { ?>
											<p><?php truncate_post(550);?></p>
											<a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>" class="readmore"><span><?php _e('read more','Polished'); ?></span></a>
										<?php } else { ?>
											<?php the_content(''); ?>
										<?php } ?>
									</div> <!-- end .et_pt_blogentry -->
								<?php endwhile; ?>
									<div class="page-nav clearfix">
										<?php if(function_exists('wp_pagenavi')) { wp_pagenavi(); }
										else { ?>
											 <?php include(TEMPLATEPATH . '/includes/navigation.php'); ?>
										<?php } ?>
									</div> <!-- end .entry -->
								<?php else : ?>
									<?php include(TEMPLATEPATH . '/includes/no-results.php'); ?>
								<?php endif; wp_reset_query(); ?>
							</div> <!-- end #et_pt_blog -->
							<?php edit_post_link(__('Edit this page','Polished')); ?>
							<div class="clear"></div>
						</div> <!-- end .post -->
			<!-- End Main -->
	<?php if (!$fullwidth) get_sidebar(); ?>
	<?php get_footer(); ?>
<?php } ?>

UPDATE: Working, (displaying posts), but why do I have to enter permalink as “/http:/%postname%/” instead of “/%postname%/” ???

FAIL: WHY IS “captivated-me” SLUG BACK??? when we click “Blog” on the Nav Bar???

When I view the Blog page, posts appear, but the slug is back


Otherwise, things are working and here is what I did…

Searched the server for “captivated-me” (the persistent slug)
Found: “captivated-me” folder (holding _index.html and a _index.html.gzip files)
Path: /public_html/wp-content/w3tc/pgcache (w3tc = W3 Total Cache)

Executed Plan:
1-deleted posts, emptied trash
2-delete page “Blog”, emptied trash
3-Went to W3 Total cache’s Page Cache and pressed “empty cache”
4-W3TC: went to General and clicked “empty all caches” (probably redundant)
5-searched for “captivated me” after clearing page and posts
7-Create page called Blog
8-in WP under Settings>reading: select “Blog” for posts
9-create three posts
10-tested – works – but wait…I have to change permalink back to “/%postname%/”
11-repeat 1-4
12-reset permalinks to my preference ”/%postname%/”
13-repeat steps 7-10
14-test – failed - no posts displayed
15-reset permalink to “/http:/%postname%/”, cleared all caches
16-works….but why? Is it OK to enter the permalink that way?
17-Is there a way to purge the “captivated-me” ?

The remedy was to have my hosting service delete, eradicate, and otherwise dispose of some “redirects” that were in my WP Database. I have learned that I can access this database (or databases) through phpmyadmin in cPanel as well as some redirect section in Wordpress.

I had not made any redirect settings yet (not intentionally, anyway - maybe it was a plug-in like Joost’s WP SEO or the W3TC) and figured I would learn about these useful issues later.

I am still looking for a WP forum that has active and informed members. This one might be good, though I’d like to find one with experts who are both informed AND patient. I invite any recommendations.

The current question I am working on:

Where are redirects edited in WP?

Be well,


Dan, thank you. Looks like a wonderful resource. Out of about 10 forums I’ve located, all but one are almost useless. Specifically, the forum: I’ve got 20 questions and the only one answered is one I answered myself.

May I consider that site a peace offering? Sorry if I was more rude than what was called for. BTW - Maritime Pacific Brewery really makes great brews and it really is better when tasted warmer than freezing cold.

Thanks again.

Be well,

Dr Carl, er, doctorEQ