How do I make all numbers 2 digits in perl?


Can some one tell me how to make all numbers display as 2 digits (eg 02 instead of 2) in my perl CGI script?

Thanks, Robert

“Why’d ya wanna go ‘n’ do that, huh” ? :slight_smile:

perhaps you could try and do something like this…

if ($num < 10) # if numder is less than 10 (hence only 1 digit)
{ $num = “0”.$num; } # put a 0 in front of it

Dont know if this is what you mean?

The reason I am trying to display 2 digits is for a guestbook script which displays the time of each post but for say 5 past 12 it would display 12:5:00 instead of 12:05:12 which looks far better. I will try your suggestion and post later

Robert :slight_smile:

oh oakie doakie
a far easier method would be to do…

$str = sprintf (“%02d:%02d:%02d”, $hour, $min, $sec);


I also need to convert the month so that it is two digits.
Is this code correct

$str = sprintf (“%02d”,$mon);

Thanks, Rob :slight_smile: