How do I leverage this traffic?

I have an autoblog site that is pulling in +200 unique visits per day (mostly from Google) and growing.

However, even though it is using content that all the sources have specifically offered for me to autoblog (that is, it is legally syndicated content), I expect Google will eventually de-index my site when they realize it is all duplicate content.

My question is, how do I take best advantage of the traffic I have now to secure a steady degree of traffic after Google de-indexes my site?

Should I try adding forums? What? How do I leverage this traffic into something real?

Keep in mind, it is a video news site (with a comment system that only spammers seem to be wanting to use right now) and that is all the content I have right now.


Yeah, :slight_smile: able to leverage traffic through forums!!! But you capable to leverage through SEO, which may contribute a large number of traffic :smiley:


No they won’t.

You might like to take a look at this article:

For the last *#$%!ng time, there is no ‘duplicate content’ penalty


Wow, thanks! That’s encouraging. Guess I only have to worry about if my hosting can support my site as it grows exponentially and how to monetize it without Adsense. Oh, and better content.

Start doing some linkbuilding to your auto blog and promote some cpa offer or even put adsense to it.

If you earn a consistent income like even $2-$3 per day from 200 people, you can sell the autoblog later on on flippa or at sedo if it drops in rankings.

Make sure you have Google analytics added to your site so that you can show the potential buyers the data.