How do I know how much my site is worth?

My site is <snip/>

It has a PR of 3 and it almost a year old.

In the past month I have received 3000 pageviews and 1000 unique views. I also have over 1000 backlinks.

However, there is very little search engine traffic. Also, I barely make any money on this site.

Should I sell it right away, or wait until there is more traffic and I make more money?

How much would it be worth if I sold it right now?

Thanks for your help!

Who knows? I like the age (older is better). I like the number of backlinks (need to see the quality of the sources). But I’m not so hot about the page views and unique visitors (would help if those counts were per day). And then there’s the part about not earning much money. Honestly we need a lot more information to make any kind of decision. My recommendation is that you wait to sell, and spend your time promoting and improving the site with great content.

As above says. It depends on a lot of factors.
If you have the time to develop it and turn it into more of a revenue earner then this is what you should do. If not you should probably think about selling because it will probably just degrade over time and lose any value it may have now.

Where is the value? FruitMedley is right that most buyers want earnings. Websites, like most other businesses, generally fetch a price based on some multiple of earnings.

There are other things that can add value, but those only appeal to certain buyers. Good steady traffic, particularly organic traffic, has value. I have a client who paid a 6 figure sum for a website in his niche primarily because of its organic traffic and backlinks.

Relevant, diversified and aged backlinks may also have value, although they would generally be expected to be reflected in the traffic figures. It is conceivable that a website’s content and SEO could be so bad that the traffic doesn’t fully reflect the value of the backlinks, but that would be very rare.

Good content may also have value. If you have done a poor job of monetizing your site but have good original copy, then someone may be willing to buy the website for at least the amount they would have to pay to create the same quantity and quality of material.

With very little traffic and very little profit, you don’t have much chance of getting much of a price, if any.

How much would it be worth if I sold it right now?

It would be worth very little. That’s if you can find a buyer. Nothing impresses buyers as much as nice, clean, green profit. If you don’t have that some other major assets like 10,000 unique visitors a day or a killer domain name could appeal to buyers. I don’t mean to put you down, but 1,000 uniques for the month is something most buyers who have the money could achieve with a quick site they put together in a spare hour or two. They wouldn’t want to pay to buy that in.

If you’re really interested in how valuation is done, there’s this article that may be of use.

I would say that price depends on niche. If you have that many backlinks and material on profitable niche then your site may cost a lot. Why don’t you try to earn with it instead of selling?