How Do I join 3 line charts in 1 line graph?


I have a wirking code for a line graph.

Now I want to show 3 lines on the same graph.

I created the data

Is this the right way for the join of 3 2-dimentional arrays?

var data_123 =, data2, data3,'full', [[0,0]], [1], [1]);

This doesn’t work either:

var data_123 =, data2, data3,'full', [[0,0]], [1], [1], [1]);

I looked at the documentation in

I can’t understand from this explanation how to join more than 2 arrays. Can anyone explain it to me please

is this the right way for chart draw?

chart.draw(data_123, google.charts.Line.convertOptions(options), {interpolateNulls:true});

I’m asking because these are [date, value] arrays and I added {interpolateNulls:true} since the dates are not overlapping (I hope this is the correct verb)


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