How do i insert data in the form of div in equal parts

Hello there i want to insert data(title and description) suppose in page 1 and after filling the form in the form the title and description should be in the form of division into 3 equal parts in page 2 so help me how can i do this.

Could you please post the code that you have so far for this? Do you have the html for the two pages? What form are you referring to? Maybe an image of what you want your result to look like might help.

Right now you haven’t given us much information and it sounds a bit like you are asking us to do all of this for you.

Hello there WebMachine i think you have understand correctly what i am trying to say you here’s the image

After fillin the title and description visitor should be redirect to the home page and it should be created in the form of gigs as like as the Fiverr does so please help me i’m not getting any of the solution.I think that it can be only be possible with jquery only.

css flex boxes is the answer, if the html is correct css does all the heavy lifting.

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