How do I increase traffic to my site?

I am running a finance blog. Currently, it is getting 30+ visits per day. I’m looking for some valuable suggestions regarding increasing traffic to my blog.


Blogs depend a lot on SEO, so I suggest to build backlinks.

Just know that its a lengthy and tedious process.

it’s all good, but if you want traffic then forum posting + video marketing is the best thing you can do.

Ways to drive traffic to your blog

Banner Advertising
Ezine Advertising
Text Links
Word of Mouth Referrals
Paid Inclusion
Traffic Packages
Classified Ads
Article Marketing
Affiliate Programs
Press Release
Email Signature
Traffic Exchange
Banner Exchange
Link Exchange
Contests & Races
Write Testimonials
Google, Yahoo & AOL Groups
Social Media like Twitter and Facebook
Social Bookmarking
Guest Blog
Video Sites
Wikipedia & Wikihow
Yahoo Answers & wiki answers
Viral Traffic
Joint Ventures
Cross Promotion (Integration Marketing)
Giveaway Events & Bonuses
Squidoo Lens Creation
Hub Pages Creation

I think that about covers it. If the above isn’t enough for you, you can find pretty much the same thing in numerous other threads as this topic has been, and is being, discussed in other threads.

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-Article marketing
-Video marketing
-Link exchanges
-Guest posts

Just Google about it.


I would start with some keyword research and find out what keyword phrases you can use to pull in some search traffic.