How do I increase the amount of people that can find my website?


I recently created a website which allows people to buy cheap photography and graphics. I am still creating content for the website but am having real trouble getting people to see it let alone use it.

Any tips that still allow me to stick to my small budget?


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The first thing to do would be to read Google's "Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide" and check that you've followed the guidelines, to give your site the best chance of appearing in search results.


Thank you!


Business listing sites & classified sites like Google my business, Bing, YP etc. whereas classified sites like olx, craiglist, quikr etc can also help you display your products & list them to make visible across the globe.


Making Content user-friendly according to Google's guidelines help in increasing visibility in Google. Business Listing and Social media optimization are also helpful in letting people know about the services you are providing.


I think SEO (Search engine Optimization) is best for you. A little learn of onpage and offpage knowledge and you can SEO your website with small budget


first your content should be great. Optimise your website.
Then you can share in social media for good results


It can only be done through Seo. If you have knowledge about SEO then start with “On page Seo” for Organic results.
On page Seo : It refers to all the things that we do within our website such as adding Meta title, Meta description, keyword stuffing, Unique Content, Image optimization etc.
After On page there is Off Page Seo, that is used for creating backlinks.

Techniques are:

  • Creating Shareable Content
  • Influencer Outreach
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Social Bookmarking Sites
  • Directory Submission
  • Video Submission



You have too many competitors who have first ranks in Google search.
For sure it’s better to start SEO.


Currently there are 4 very important things to take into account to rank high on google:

  • Use google webmaster tool to select preferred domain
  • Mobile enabled site vs AMP
  • Enable compression on your website

Preferred domain need to be applied to the 4 domain possibilities you have e.g. HTTP and HTTPS with or without WWW e.g. your preffered domain can be http: // www . domain . xx or https : // domain . xx. If preferred domain has been selected in Goggle webmaster tool, google tends to collate all links from the different domain possibilities into one single container. This is good for you SERP calculations to gather all link juice to your actual used version of your domain.

A HTTPS enabled site ranks much higher with the same amount and quality of backlinks in its SERP calculation and AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages (by google)) tend to multiply SERP values by a factor of 3 to 4 when placing websites in search results and lastly compression on your webserver for CSS, JAVA and HTML increases the download time and will influence the value of your site thus rank higher in search.

Further you need to get people to reference your site by building some good content e.g. press release etc. so media knows you exist

Good Luck


You seem to be forgetting the number 1 factor - quality content!


I believe i wrote good content implicitly quality


Hire SEO specialist…expert guys can improve traffic on your website…with the help of tricks


I suggest you to first you should prepared good quality content after that you need to optimize your website. (before writing content you should follow search engine term and conditions)
After that better to start SEO(Search engine Optimization) is best for you.