How do I increase my audience on my Facebook page?

I have only 24 friends so invting friends is out of the option please help?

How do I organically incresae my followers on my facebook page

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It depends what your page is about. Are you selling a product? if so include a card that says something like ‘If you like this product please like us on facebook’ etc and in any email you send them include a link to like your page.

A lot of companies run a competition which you have to like or follow their fb page.

People aren’t generally going to randomly find you and follow your page for no reason you have to get your page out where relevant people will find it.

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I am a book author

So if you do book signings etc make sure there is a nice big sign that has your FB address and more importantly why they should follow you i.e. keep up to date with my latest book releases and short stories follow me on FB etc I am assuming you regularly make updates to your FB page?!

Again if you do a signing stick a postcard with those details in each book you sign etc.

Any interviews online, tv or radio just throw it in to the conversation that people can find you on FB.

Hang out at libraries and tell people unless they follow you on FB you are going to follow them home… Then when you get arrested make sure it gets in the local papers.

Maybe don’t do the last one unless you are already pretty famous, getting arrested seems to work for them quite often.

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Try to increase your FB friends. Sends invites to users to join your FB Fan page. good luck!

Join groups, post in them, and if your post is attractive or effective, the people in that groups will like your post and then they will come to your page and will like it.

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I don’t think this is hard to build an audience. Rather focusing on just Audience focus on targeted audience. Because a responsive and targeted audience would be more beneficial to you and your business as well.

Things that worth remembering

Join each and every group available for your business niche.
Start contributing to those groups.
send the friend requests that are more active than others.
make a conversation with those group members.
shares others content on Facebook.

I hope it would help you

Join groups, post engaging contents, and engage with your audience. These are all free.
If you have money to spare, boosting your posts won’t hurt.

Add people that relates to your business on Facebook. Or, follow people that are related to your industry that in future shows your account as potential interest to people with similar interest.


I’d like to suggest some ways to increase your audience on Facebook page. Hope that might help you.

  • Keep posting regularly
  • Use facebook ads if you can afford to it
  • Participate in forums and leave your fb link in signature
  • Ask your friends to like your page. Also ask their friends to like the page

Nice Questions According me below point are necessary For Increase Audience in Your Facebook Page.

1. Share original content
2. Tag your page from your personal profile
3. Add Facebook In your Email Signature
4. Advertise Your Page On Facebook
5.Run a Contest

Increase your Facebook Page Like Follow below tips:

  • Invite your Facebook Page.
  • Post Unique and Fresh Content for your Facebook Page.
  • Highlight to Page in Hashtag tag mark.
  • Promote your Page in Social Media for Suggested Social Media Group, Community and Page.


I think we’ve had more than enough general replies. The OP has stated they are a book author. Please ensure further replies specifically address that particular niche.

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