How do i improve SEO

I did social profiling and backlinking to my website but it remains near to 1 million alexa rank… in GT matrix it show bad links. how do i find bad links and how i improve my SEO.

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Alexa rank does not influence search engines, so I wouldn’t worry about it.

I suggest you start by reading Google’s advice on Link Schemes, and ensure none of the links you’ve created violate those guidelines:

Follow Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide” and you won’t go wrong.

Many things affect the Search Engine Optimization! Here is the short list which you should take a note of! To know how your website is performing and the traffic on your site, get the google analytics for your website. With the help of analytics, you will be able to know how the site is performing! Here are few things that you need to take care of!

Things to do to improve the SEO:

  1. Try to minimize the bounce rate of your site by posting interesting content and internal linking
  2. Make your site mobile friendly
  3. Minimize the page loading speed on your website
  4. Try to focus on the long tail keywords
  5. Write unique and useful content

Finding bad links:

  • There is an online tool called MOZ. You only need to sign up to the MOZ and by providing the domain name you can get the detailed information about your website!
  • There you will be able to see all the sites linking to your website. You can find out the spammy or lower domain authority links.

Day by day search engine/Google more human friendly and improve quality.
for that’s reason you should create more high quality content and try to write seo
friendly content and write proper keyword with proper density.

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These are unwanted website that you want to link with your website. Find the website’s backlinks from unindexed domains, using Monitor Backlinks filters is the best solution. Click on ‘Filters’ and then on “Domain and Page not indexed”. These are to be to done manually…and to be removed if they are bad.

Practice only white hat SEO techniques. Black or grey techniques may lead to trouble one fine day.

A few factors that will affect your SEO are:

  1. Creating quality blog content
  2. Having a user-friendly and mobile-friendly site
  3. Utilizing keywords
  4. Faster page loading speed
  5. Use tools such as Moz and Ahrefs to monitor progress

To all posters:

Please do not simply post a list of tasks with no explanation. That is not helpful to a beginner. It is much more helpful to choose one or two activities you consider to be particularly useful or important, and take time to explain how to carry these out.

Posts with insufficient explanation will be removed as fluff.

Try to focus more on On page elements for the page you have to optimize

I would start with organizing your pages based on the common questions for your niche or customer target. Depending on the purpose of your site, it should be fairly easy to discover what need you are filling. If you are selling a specific product make sure the name of the product is the main title of the page, or at least something semantically related to it.

There are countless guides online to help you see your way through the SEO maze but it boils down to being helpful and not tricking your customers or readers. Once you internalize that process and are able to objectively see the page you are building satisfies that requirement, every else is just minor details which there is no exact solution for.

Having social media presence has also help my friend’s business ranking on Google. Places like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and inLinx.

With the data breach scandal on Facebook I don’t really feel comfortable doing my business there and with the ads cost, it can be expensive. Twitter and Linkedin are OK however with inLinx is FREE and it really help as now I am first on Google.

Content marketing is latest and useful tool to generate do follow links. you can make a good, attractive, full of information content then you can post it on relative websites and you can have back links from there. It is very simple, straight and useful formula to obtain and generate quality back links.

Why would you think that would be helpful for your site? Your “good, attractive, full of information content” will appear in search results for the site on which you posted it, and they will get the traffic for that content. Why not put it on your own site and benefit directly? Backlinks which you create yourself are of very little worth in SEO terms these days, whereas high quality, unique content is of prime importance.

Be updated with google panda and updates. read more about white hat seo, write more fresh content for website. make high domain authority back links. focus on the keywords you like to target.

You can know bad backlinks or spammy links with help of moz ose. Yes it has feature moz spam score which represent spam links and website errors.

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