How do i get world search results vis google

Good Morning from probably a hung parliament UK sitting at a desk in wakefiled…

I need to measure SERPs for specific keyphrases for the UK results and world. This was until recently a very easy thing to do, google had a toggle allowing you to pull up results from the UK and world but…

Now google has fixed my results from the UK only. Ive searched through all sorts of options but cant spot an option which will allow me to get results from the world option not just the UK. I even tried typing in but it jumps to the UK domain :frowning:

So if anyone could let me know how to get google to pull up search results for the entire world rather than just the country I reside in I’d be very grateful :slight_smile:

Mornin’ from the Midlands with the same hung parliament :slight_smile:

I regularly switch between the and the .com without any problems.

Are you logged into a Google account? Logging out might be worth a try
Have you tried a different browser?
Are you running any toolbars or other addons that may be controlling your browser?

If you go to, it will redirect you to your local country version of the site. On that page, there is a link to “”, which actually takes you to - the “ncr” tells it that you really do want the generic site rather than the UK site.

Sorted :slight_smile: Thanks for your replies :slight_smile: