How do I get traffic on Wordpress and Blogger


I tried to create a few blogs on Wordpress and Blogger and added a few links on each article I posted there.
After a few weeks, they removed my blogs because I added some links on my blog posts.

So, How do I get traffic on Wordpress and Blogger without creating links on articles you posted there?


I heard some are using it for backlink purposes and not for giving direct traffic to your site… Haven’t tested this one yet but I think it will work as long as you provide unique content to these blogs…

I think a safer way is to create unique content for every blog and only post the links to your sites in the sidebar. Over time, you can start to create in-content links to your other sites.

I do think the issue was with unique content, seeing it as duplicate content might be it got deleted.

Why did they remove it? What was your content?
I ask this cause I have some blogs on wordpress and blogger with links to “anywhere”. Some have even 4 year and I had no problem.

yes KCgame, i do 100% agree with you because unique content is the only key everywhere and some article site owners remove our blogpost just because of our post isn’t unique so if we publish unique blogpost on these sites then they wont do this :slight_smile:

“Content is King”, only insert unique, fresh, interesting content in your blogs. promote your blog via bookmarking and social media sites. Submit your blog in Google, yahoo and Bing web master tool.

I have many free Wodpress and blogger sites. But they have never deleted my blogs. You can place links in the blog. I think you may have duplicate contents. Post some unique contents, your blog will get approved.

I’m curious what exactly they told you was the reason… ?

Do unique and informative posts in blog regularly. And to get traffic do social bookmarking, article submission and use social networking sites for blog promotion.