How do I get this look on the homepage tab of my blog?

Not sure if this is the right section for me to place this but I hope it is…

I am using Google’s blog and I notice that some blogs there have manage to place the latest posts there. They even manage to put some intro paragraphs there with the link to the main article below it.

How do they do that? What settings in my Google blogger account do I need to adjust to have such a feature/effect?
If no Google Blog setting for that is present, any HTML code you suggest I do to have that appearance?

In case you guys are unable to visualize what I want, I have screenshots of the sample blog attached to this post…

Please don’t think that I ought to be asking this in other forum sites for this concern. I really need to have that kind of look on my blog’s homepage.
So I hope you guys here can help me with some advice on this… I’m just really desperate for answers :frowning: