How do I get rid of this gap!

I’m really struggling with this layout issue. Where is this step coming from? (Arrowed in the picture) it’s driving me crazy! Any help really appreciated.
I’m trying to line up the ‘Workshop Notes’ box with the ‘Recent Highlights’ box as seen on front page.

Oh. My. God.

Yeah, this is why I refuse to work with Drupal. Your site is getting crushed with a terminal case of divitis (and everything-else-itis). It’s nearly impossible to see what code is doing what, because every tiny piece of text has like 5000 wrapping divs around it.

I had to resort to Firebug, which means I’ve failed as a front-ender. Anyway, I could remove the Mysterious Gap by not-floating the right side, but strangely that container then somehow slips underneath the left side, while its visible content remains on the right.

I do not like code I cannot “see” directly. This 5000-wrapping-containers-with-500-classes-on-each-one is pretty much a recipe for Many Mysterious CSS Happenings in the future.

To really get to the bottom of it, I’d have to make a copy of the main page’s code, remove everything but the shells, and slowly add them back in until I could see where the problem is. However it wouldn’t surprise me if fixing it deep down inside would cause more seemingly-unrelated rendering issues on other pages…

so I suppose right now you could just not float that right side, and if you’re not comfortable with not knowing the real cause, I could still crawl through the infinite fields of carnage and see if I can find the true cause. Let me know.

Or Paul might come in here and see right away what the issue is.

Thanks for that feedback, I’ll have a go at removing the float - see how that works.
Just out of interest, what would you use as an alternative to Drupal. I’ve invested too many hours in this site to make a change now but I’d be interested to know.

You can start by adding a float:left to the immediate parent div tccontent-wrapper. I got lost in the crazy amount of div’s so it’ll take some time to see if that has any negative ripple effects.

Just out of interest, what would you use as an alternative to Drupal.

Drupal as a CMS has few rivals, and I’m even less of a fan of them (like Joomla! and WP). But their templating system is a plague of locusts who just ate 100,000 bean burritos.

There is a way around that: if you know Drupal better than the back of your hand, you can replace the whole front-end (write your own) while keeping all the back-end modules. But you have to be a Drupal gawd to do that.

… and the dutch kitty is being kind; You don’t want to hear what I’d have to say about that page. Let’s just say 34k of HTML and 200k of javascript on a page that has only 2.5k of plaintext and no images off fallbacks is NOT a good start.

Thanks for your help and advice. I’ve added float:left to tc_wrapper which seems to have done the trick. At some point in the future I’ll have a go at re-coding the site from scratch.

Which one is more reliable can u pls tell me? :h

Which what is more reliable?

Some possible alternatives to Drupal:

Expression Engine

Both give far better code and control, but may lack the same number of modules that Drupal has.