How do i get outsource projects from companies like USA and UK?

Hello Everyone,

We are planning to start doing more mobile app and web development projects . I had seen people review from various websites,forums and blogs,most of them suggested to go for freelancer websites but where i get more freelancers not a project even i found some fake people bidding project for money . Could please help me out to get projects in space of Digital.

need more inputs ??

I don’t quite understand what you’re looking for, but here’s my advice

  1. If you already have developers an just need to find a project in the US or UK for them - just browse job search websites to find the projects
  2. If you need to hire the guys and then do the outsoursing - you can find freelancers on respective websites. But if that doesn’t work - just go to job search websies.

An extremely powerful tool that helps with this kind of stuff is LinkedIn.
You can find agencies and independent recruiters out there who will have valuable connections to help out your business.

If you’d be more specific on your main issue - I’ll be glad to share my thoughts.

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@ Fraudhunter I think that what you write makes sense. Well done.