How do I get more Twitter folloers? [MOVED]

You’ve got a number of questions there but before we offer up advice let’s dive into what it is you are doing / trying to do with social first…

What type of business are you promoting?

How do you currently message out on Twitter?

Do you have current customers / users who may also be on Twitter?

What is your goal?

Some ways to get new followers are simple. You can ask people to follow you by watching the public timeline and messaging people. Also, you can use free tools that are out there to automatically add followers in exchange for you following people. That and people wanting to subscribe and follow you once they see what you post that interests them.

you can use… ?

they are exchanges for twitter followers… follow people and they will follow you back.

And what exactly have these exchanges done for your engagement / growth aside from adding to a total count?

This question is already being discussed (or has been recently) in several other threads. Thread closed.