How do I fix this known jQuery UI Sort bug?

I’m designing this ( dynamic form for a client, where the user is able to add or remove tasks. Once a task is created, they can also go in and change their order. In the above demo, if you add a task and slowly drag it up/down it will start to “flicker” or jump back in forth.

This is the code I used to set it up, pretty basic:

		$('.omg-form li').sortable({
			axis: 'y',		
			handle: '.omg-drag',
			placeholder: 'omg-drag-placeholder',
			stop: function(e, ui){omg_updateIDLabels();},
			revert: true,

It’s a known bug (, but the fix (at the bottom of the page) has me completely stumped. Where exactly do I add that bit of code?

Also, I don’t have IE8 on my mac currently. Can anyone view it in IE8 and tell me what error (if any) they are getting? It should look like this:

Did you try the suggested workarounds that were suggested in the bug report?

That’s the problem, I can’t figure out where exactly I’m supposed to add that final workaround snippet. I’m guessing I could do:

$('.omg-form li').sortable({
	change: function(){

I just don’t know where to even start.